The Libertarian Party of Kansas' (LPKS) 2017 State Convention will soon be upon us. This annual event is very important to the future of the LPKS.  At the convention attendees will have opportunities to learn, network, elect new officers, deal with the business of the party, and relax during evening social events.  You are, of course, invited and you can RSVP here as well as buy tickets for special events at the convention.

The LPKS convention grows each year, but to continue that trend we need to make sure that all interested individuals are aware.

We are raising $250 to run advertisements on both Facebook and Twitter.  If we raise more than $250, we'll expand those campaigns.  If we raise more than $500 we'll add Youtube ads.  Please donate today and you'll see the ads beginning to flow by March 28th.

As a political party, we believe that spending should be effective, efficient, and transparent.  To this end, we will continue to fundraise for specific projects and count on you to fund the projects you support.  If you donate to this project, you will receive an emailed report at the end of the project detailing how your money was spent and what results were achieved.

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Government mandated notices: The Kansas Campaign Finance Act requires political committees to report the name; mailing address and date received for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $50 in a calendar year. We are also required to report the occupation for each individual whose donations total over $150. $15,000 maximum annually per contributor. The IRS requires us to print, “Contributions are not tax-deductible” on all fundraising appeals.

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